We supply and install all the needs for water and sewer projects. Also we supply various types of pipes and it's fittings with wide range of sizes such as: Riser pipes, steel pipes, PVC pipes, Corrugated Pipes, GRP pipes, HDPE pipes, Galvanized steel pipes and Ductile Pipes. As well as, Gate, G.I., Air reducer, nonreturn. We supply metering systems and Test benches for water. Also, we supply latest mobile generation meter data collection and leak detection. We supply wide range of irrigation pipes and fittings, HDPE pipe welding machines as well as whole range of irrigation systems instruments and tools.

Our Products range includes:

  1. Pipes, Fittings and Valvles
  2. Metering and reading Systems
  3. Irrigation Pipes, Fittings and Valvles
  4. CCTV inspection camera
  5. Utility locator
  6. Pipes locator
  7. Water Cholrine Systems
  8. Excavator Trenches
  9. Sewer Pumps
  10. Centrifugal pumps
  11. Submersible pumps
  12. portable vacume pumps
  13. Sewer rods
  14. Manhole covers
  15. Portable dewatering pumps
  16. Crane vehicle
  17. Sewer vehicle
  18. Portable vacuum pumps
  19. Pipeline camera
  20. Spare Parts & tools
  21. Laboratory equipments
  22. Spare parts for ST
  23. Maintenance tools
  24. Safety equipment